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Nima Yadollahpour is a graduate of Syracuse University School of Architecture (1998) and winner of New England Home's 5 Under 40 Awards (2011). He founded ONY Architecture, LLC and established the studio at 118 South Street in Boston in 2005. Prior to ONY, Nima was a project manager and designer at Payette Associates and Office dA in Boston, and a designer at Provencher-Roy Architects in Montreal.

His 20 years of architectural experience encompass residential, commercial, educational, health care, and corporate archetypes. In addition to practicing architecture, Nima has also been involved in the education and development of young designers through teaching, advising, and participating on thesis committees as well as design classes at the Boston Architectural College. He's been a guest design critique for student design reviews at the BAC, Roger Williams University, Syracuse University, and Wentworth University. 

In 2011, Nima’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship led him to co-found Oficio, a boutique shared office space in Boston - the first of its kind in the city. Since its inception, Oficio has expanded several times and is now home to hundreds of businesses and entrepreneurs. Nima’s understanding and developing of the new office space archetype has helped shape the future of office use in the new sharing economy.

He strongly believes that in order to be a good practicing architect, one needs to have knowledge and creativity in design, materials, and the entire construction process, but, just as importantly, an understanding of business and management.