n. A large nest of a bird typically built high in a tree, cliff, or mountaintop.



The Aerie is a thoughtfully designed and custom built outdoor play structure for kids. The idea and design was inspired by ONY Architecture principal Nima Yadollahpour’s children (aged 6 and 8) whose love for spending playtime outside led to the creation of Aerie. The structure serves as a jungle gym with monkey bars, climbing net and climbing rope, as well as a “tree house” in the form of a loft for the kids to hang out and read, or play pretend games. The elevated loft space has a louvered window which by a rope pulley can be raised as an awning or lowered to create a private den. The lower platform under the monkey bars can also serve as a “stage” with the option of adding curtains in the front for performances. All of this is sheltered from rain and sun under a canopy with it’s shape inspired by bird wings.


The Aerie’s main structure is constructed of painted pressure treated lumber that is anchored with its six main vertical columns buried two feet into the ground. The main canopy of Aerie is constructed of 1x4 cedar panels which are spaced 1/2” apart. This canopy covers the main lower and upper mahogany decks which provide a sturdy platform for activities. The upper deck is clad on the side and back by more cedar panels and on the front with a cedar framed louvered window which can be raised or lowered by a rope pulley system. Yellow 41” metal monkey bars span across the top of the lower deck, and a cargo climbing net made of 3/4” twisted black polypropylene rope serves as the backdrop to the lower deck “stage”. A 6.5’ climbing rope climbs the right side allowing another access entry onto the raised loft.


The Aerie can be ordered to be custom built on site. Upon placement of an order, ONY Workshop can consult on its siting if desired, however, the site will need to be prepared by the patron. Once this has been established, materials can be ordered and the project scheduled for construction. Color selection for Aerie’s main structural framework should be determined prior to construction.

The price listed below is for the base model, and option features can be added for additional fees as desired. This is a custom designed and built play structure, unique, attractive, and made with high end materials to complement a beautiful yard. Please contact us if you have any questions prior to ordering here.

The Aerie
from 4,200.00

The Aerie Play Structure starts at $4,200 and includes everything as described above except for consultation with selecting the site for the structure, selection of any other color except for the standard gray for the main structure, or any other featured add-ons (flag holder, bell, and stage curtain).

Upon placing your order, someone from ONY Architecture, LLC. will contact you within 2 business days to review your order and coordinate construction.

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