Back Bay Condo - boston, ma

ONY Architecture redesigned a living/dining/kitchen area in a brownstone into a inviting expansive space that took advantage of the beautiful views of the city/river skyline. Small alterations of some of the existing details provided a new updated look while the bar and kitchen in addition to a small bathroom were completely modernized. Every detail was scrutinized from the basics of plastering to the execution of a woodworking detail. A happy customer.
— K. Thornhill

A condominium designed in a traditional manner with spectacular views of the Charles River and Cambridge required a rethinking of its spacial design and aesthetics. The main objectives were to decompartmentalize the existing spaces to take full advantage of the view, and also to create a more transitionally modern design for a new kitchen, bar, dining room and living room. The new concept visually and physically extended the kitchen towards the living room while connecting it visually by an Afromosia wood wrap to a side alcove bar/wine area.

Remodeling and Home Design