Back to Sketching / by Nima Yadollahpour

A good way to begin this blog is to start with the basics. The basics of drawing.  Whether an architect, an interior or industrial designer, or an artist, the skill of hand sketching is absolutely fundamental and invaluable.  Too much attention is paid to computer generated drawings, renderings and illustrations today, and unfortunately as a result, what was once a basic skill for the above mentioned professions has become a rarity.  

Sketching allows the artist or designer to pay attention to detail, get a sense of scale, and understand the play of light and shadow.  This intimate connection is lost in computer software which calculates, and generates shapes and lighting effects.

Lets get back to these roots and start carrying a sketchbook again.  Its a skill that will help with design and create a journal of visual memories for years to come.

Here are some sketches from travels in Italy: