Above and Beyond / by Nima Yadollahpour

This is a unique blog post; one which does not involve design, architecture or construction. To me, its far more important and at the same time very unfortunate. When I started my practice in 2004, it was one of the most challenging professional endeavors I had made. It was foolish, daunting, exciting, and the best career decision I could ever imagine. When I was ready to take this architectural design studio to the next level in 2005, it came in the form of establishing an actual office in Boston. I set up an official architecture firm at 118 South Street in the Leather District. It was just me, the four walls around me, wonderful windows overlooking the neighborhood, and a small number of projects to keep me busy. I was learning some new things as I went along, and had to navigate the tough road of getting a new business off the ground. At times it was lonely, dealing with struggles of a first time entrepreneur, and this is when the idea of getting a dog began to make sense to me. An office dog - how cool would that be? 

Not to get into the details of how I came about finding one of the most beautiful German Shepherds you'd ever seen, I can say that 2005 was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Roy, the one and a half year old long haired Shepherd, became my office companion and a new member of our family at home. His steady presence during those early challenging years of ONY architecture comforted me and provided therapy in ways I can not describe. As my practice began to establish a more firm footing, and as my family began to grow, Roy was always there as a source of comfort, love and joy. 

And now after over 10 years of wonderful, life enriching memories, I've come to a point where with great sadness I'm writing this tribute not a pet, or a dog, but to a beautiful friend.

He was loyal, loving, intelligent, and beautiful. Above all else he loved and protected his family.

He couldn’t resist roasted chicken, a nice piece of beef, or clementines (who could?). His favorite place in the world was anywhere, as long as he was sitting and looking out of the back of the station wagon with the tailgate open - otherwise in the yard with a perfect view of the entire surroundings of the property (just in case...).

He would wait and look out the glass door till you’d come home and would give you the same enthusiastic greeting every single day before he’d pick up your slippers in his mouth and try to steer you to the living room for some attention.

He would let our young girls play, hug, and climb all over him, without a flinch - only a lick or two on their cheeks.

He loved jumping in the air to catch snowballs and of course, always dreamed of closing in on one of the squirrels in the back yard - it was not meant to be.

These were some of the traits of our beloved Roy, but he is best defined as utterly loyal and a true best friend.

He passed away naturally on Tuesday night (February 23rd, 2016) and we are feeling a giant void in our hearts and home now. We will always love and miss him.

Roy, you were truly one of a kind. Rest in peace my old friend.