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PROJECT PROFILE: [New] A Boston Loft Renovation by Nima Yadollahpour

We are starting a new series on our What's New blog called Project Profile which will be a continuously updated journal on select new projects we are undertaking. Hopefully these journals will present various project challenges and will serve as a guide and provide insight into the design and construction process for anyone who may be considering to embark on a project.

Our first feature is a major gut renovation of a 3,500 square foot loft in Boston's Leather District. The client had initially started the project with another Boston architect; however midway through the initial design process had decided to take the project in a different direction and start from the beginning with another designer...

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Geographic Tapestry by Nima Yadollahpour

"By abstracting these elements, the Isfahan Rug is composed of four distinguishable features: a dotted pattern representing natural vegetation, linear bright silk lines etching the surface as long wheat and barley fields, a grid-like geometry representing man-made structures, and a curved scar that exposes the loom to represent a road that separates the natural landscape."

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